Diploma in Painting

The Diploma in Painting program teaches students the creative and technical skills needed to begin career as artists.

Diploma in Painting About Course

Instruction is offered in non-figurative and figurative fine art, including Indian Miniature Paintings.


Eligibility & Admission

 10+2 (In Any Stream).

Registration Fee (One Time) 10,000/-INR
Semester Fee 35,000/-INR

Learning Outcomes

  • Create an identical body of work demonstrating proficiency in an exceeding breadth of art disciplines.
  • Demonstrate effective use of proportion and gesture.
  • Understanding of three-dimensional composition, crafting (technical skill) and applying underlying conception to the general carved answer.
  • Apply anatomical information to accurately draw the human figures.
  • Use acceptable vogue and techniques to effectively execute concepts.

Career Prospects

After passing the course, they can have freelancing work. They can join some newspapers, magazines or periodicals, book publishers, video industry, computer system design and much other related work.

Course Curriculum

Semester I

Semester II

Semester III

Semester IV

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