Course after Class 12th in law

Lawyers generally practice before judges in the Subordinate courts, Administrative tribunals, High courts and the Supreme courts. Their practice pertains to mainly private matters and public matters. Lawyers specialize in criminal law, real estate, civil law, tax law, international law, labour law, family law, constitutional law, corporate law, excise law, customs and transportation etc..

The jobs involve giving legal advice and representing clients in legal matters. Lawyers as advocates and advisers in court, present the facts of the case to the judges, cross examine witnesses and finally sum up the reasons as to why the court should decide in their clients favour. Lawyers also work in the legal department of firms, in defence services, as political advisers, in government legal services, with the judiciary as Magistrate, District and Session Judge, Munsif, Public Prosecutors, Solicitors, Attorney General, Advocates etc.

For Law you need to have good intellect, ability to assimilate and analyze facts, good judgment to distinguish the relevant from the irrelevant. Qualities of good speech and excellent presentation skills, integrity, character and mental and physical stamina are qualities of good lawyers.

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